01 Verna
A map of the Verna region
Vital statistics
Level 1-7
Inhabitants Wolf, Slime, Gnome, Puppet, Wizardry Weapon
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Mustache Island Tezen

Verna is the 1st Island encountered on Lord Lord's journey for World Conquest.


Verna is a lush mountainous region. It homes different animals, monsters, and even dragons. The region's Ancient Magic Sigil is located at the center of a canyon. It is neighbor to the islands of Tezen to the south, Nereid to the west, and Girgas to the east.


Verna contains 12 dungeons, and 3 scenarios.

Available Genes

The following Hero Genes are available from dungeons on this Island.

Kai Kai

List of Dungeons

1 Prairie Entrance

1.5 Fertile Hill Summit (Scenario)

2 Pero Meadow 1

3 Pero Meadow 2

4 Fertile Hill

5 Breezy Plains

6 Evergreen Forest Entrance

6.5 Evergreen Forest Lot (Scenario)

7 Evergreen Forest Trail

8 Stone Mountain Entrance Boss: Kai Kai

9 Zanpad Canyon 1

10 Zanpad Canyon 2

11 Dragon Basin

12 Center of Canyon Boss: Red Dragon

12.5 Silver Magic Sigil (Scenario)
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