• Credits to /u/TailRider for formating

    Element & Terrain advantage

    Scissors icon Water Icon




    3+ Rock icon => [Allies] 50 MP recovery each turn

    5+ Rock icon => [Allies] Attack +5%

    2+ Balance icon => ?

    2+ Area icon | Score +5%

    Zero Zero => [Allies] Water accessible


    HP Mana Attack Defense Dodge Crit Rate Hit Rate Mastery Counter Damage Counter Rate Movement
    Base 73,400 160 690 15.93% 3.99% 1.53% 7.17% 80% 70% 3% 0
    Lvl 1 165,400 160 8,150 23.54% 4.61% 5.1% 11.7% 80% 70% 3% 0
    Lvl 2 365,400 160 21,150 82.25% 7.03% 6.85% 16.97% 84% 85% 3% 0
    Lvl 3 725,400 160 48,150 86.1% 9.44% 11.46% 25.66% 100% 100% 3% 0
    Lvl 4 1,205,400 160 80,150 88.16% 11.06% 13.60% 30.59% 100% 100% 3% 0
    Lvl 5 1,685,400 160 112,150 88.87% 12.62% 15.74% 35.52% 100% 100% 3% 0

    Boss Immunities

    • Stun
    • Confusion
    • Charm
    • Weakening
    • Decrease Defense
    • Decrease Movement
    • Instant Death
    • Sleep (not listed)
    • HP % damage (not listed)


    Skill 1 (Solar Shot)
    Shoots a solar arrow, attacking enemies within its range at (121.4/135/153.4/167.2/181)% Attack and decreasing their Defense by (300/1200/3000/3900/4800) for (2/3/4/4/4) turns. Immobilized targets increase this skill's Final Power by (12/25/39/42/49)%
    Skill 2 (Sol Divider)
    Sunlight explodes, damaging enemies within its range with its rays at (125.6/140/159.2/173.6/188)% Attack. If this skill hits 2 or more enemies then it creates a 100% chance of casting Immobilize for (1/2/3/3/3) turns; if 3 or more, Decrease Healing Effects; and if 4 or more, Disarm.
    Skill 3 (Solar Ray)
    Condensed sunlight explodes, damaging enemies within its range at (248.4/265.5/288.3/305.4/322.5)% Attack. If this skill hits 2 or more enemies, then it inflicts (5000/10000/19000/22000/25000) additional Defense-piercing damage; if 3 or more, (5000/10000/19000/22000/25000); and if 4 or more, (5000/10000/19000/22000/25000). (The additional damage stacks.)
    Passive (Solar Burst)
    Parsifal's Attack increases by (7/15/29/32/35)% per attacking target. While on Water Terrain tiles, Parsifal cannot receive more than (69800/49500/29100/28800/28500) damage. When it dies, it attacks all enemies within its range at (158/176/200/218/236)% Attack, ignoring (1200/2500/3900/4200/4500) Defense.
    Additional Passive effect lvl (3/4/5): Parsifal in its final form develops a resistance that creates a (39/42/45)% chance of ignoring Abnormal Status effects.
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    • IGN: Yoliocaust

      Server: Global

      Suggested picks: Lilid/Persona/water access, Raboff, Yekaterina, Gillan. 

      The reason of Lilid/Persona is because Parsifal will be on water. Lilid can pull him, Persona can switch with him too. The problem is that you need to kill those mobs at the corners before you try with Lilid or he will try to get them (unless you plan to put him in front of the water and pull the boss for 1 tile only). Persona however can screw up easily, since he will spam his 2nd and switch over and over with someone. 2 Raboffs are really suggested, and there's a way to have them use their 3rd every turn (check pic related, and it works with 2 Gillans too). It's possible because he moves for 3 tiles only and you can put him very far away from where the boss will be pulled (or switched), which means that one Raboff can use his 3rd on turn 1 and the other can waste the turn walking, making the AI alternate the 3rd skill of the two every turn, which would mean a lot more of Disarm! Yeka and Gillan can help in odd turns (unless you plan to do the same as Raboff but it's harder and it lasts one turn only!). Be careful on the 100% AOE Disarm he can pull and try to figure out when he's going to die, 'cause he explodes and deals tons of damage unless disarmed.
      2 Tuesday - Parsifal (mod)

      Easy as that


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    • IGN - Genysis

      Server - Pioneer

      Hey guys, here is Tuesday raid boss -

      Fantasy War Tactics - Dark Fortress Tuesday

      Fantasy War Tactics - Dark Fortress Tuesday

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    • Tues1

      IGN: Hawky

      Server: Pioneer

      Recommended SETUP and ORDER

      1) Yekaterina

      Support Fire ASAP (Build up Lord Gauge to full before battle)

      Then switch to Battle Support to remove Disable debuff

      When the gold tiger unit is left you can switch between Guild Shelling or if its not tank enough Absolute Protection

      2) Lilid

      3) Gold Tiger Muz/Krut

      3) Krut/Rage (Rock DPS)

      4) Zero

      5) Guild Merc - Yekaterina

      If you are using a Gold Tiger merc, put a ranged Rock hero (Rage for DPS Serendi/Persona for 2 Balance Bonus) where the Yekaterina Merc is.

      So basically the gist of this is to:

      1) Remove boss from water tiles so he can take more damage.

      2) Grab the rock tiles so your rock heroes (3&5 rock hero bonus) have more survivability.

      3) Disable with Yekaterina and 2 Yeka will get the AOE bonus.

      4) Use Zero to get Water Terrain bonus. (If n0 Zero use 1-2 rock heroes with water terrain to grab the tiles, like Persona + NIrvana/Mas)

      5) Gold Tiger Krut/Muzaka to Solo the boss with all these bonuses.

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    • IGN - CU2015

      Server - Global

      The keypoints is with 2 Rock heros: lilid, zero

      1. Pull out the boss from the water, front or back land, by standing lilid between two soldiers, since the boss never move.

      2.  Shield with other rock heros, except for the front spot of lild.

      3. Enjoy automatic play... :)


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    • ~ DarkYuan of the Global Server

      My typical team for this raid includes Zero, for the water tile bonus, Serendi, because of the debuffs, and Muzaka, for his passive. Be sure to put your weakest two heroes first in your line up, and place them on the tiles diagonaly closest to the buffs. This way, they'll move on to them for their first action, instead of off of them. Also, placing Muzaka adjacent to the boss will allow his passive to deal damage on the first round.

      Other heroes to consider are Raskreia if you don't have another Rock type AoE hero, and can afford to take a Rock from your guild mercinaries. And beware, the longer you stretch out this battle, the more likely you are to get Disarmed by the boss, and even Serendi can't heal that if she catches it too.

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    • IGN: BPDox, Asian Server

      Crucial heroes: Gillan, Lilid

      Preferred heroes/mercs: Jack/Muzaka/Krut (Jack merc preferred)

      General idea: Use Lilid to pull Parsifal in, surrounding heroes wail on him. Heroes rely on Gillan + skills to recover HP. Use of Guild skills is crucial.

      Things to take note about this hero:

      1. His passive grants damage cap (%HP damage immune) while he is on water. So you want him off water ASAP.

      2. He's not immune to Disarm, so that comes in useful.

      Since most of my strong Rock heroes (aka Jack/Krut/Muzaka) are all melee, I decided to forego the bonus from the Rock tiles. I also gave up the defence and score bonuses, but that's due to my own hero combination.

      Decided to go old-school, so here's a drawn image to explain what is going on (compare it with the above image if you need to):



      M: Minions

      P: Parsifal

      H1 - H5: Your heroes

      Hero arrangement:

      H1: Gillan

      H2: Lilid

      H3 - H6: Up to you, but since you are surrounding Parsifal, choose their slots based on the skill attack patterns. Eg. Jack is in there for his 3rd skill (can't use it diagonally), so put him in H4 or H5. Suggested is:

      H3 (diagonal attacks only): Muzaka

      H4: Jack or Krut

      H5: Jack or Krut

      H6: Krut or Muzaka

      What to do:

      - Enter the fight with your Guild Skill gauge maxed out. Place the heroes as shown and start.

      Turn 1:

      H1: Gillan goes first, and will attack and kill the minion directly below him. While he is doing this, set Guild Skill to Fire Support and queue it to launch.

      H2: Fire Support launches and kills off all minions. Lilid pulls Parsifal into the centre. Now Parsifal has no water bonus, no %HP immunity, and is surrounded. Great!

      H3: Muzaka attacks with passive and 2nd skill. If your Muzaka is strong enough, this will kill Parsifal and he will transform.

      H4: Jack will attack with 3rd skill (%HP damage). Again, if strong enough, this will kill Parsifal again.

      H5, H6: Last hero and Merc will attack. With this, your Guild Skill gauge should be full (or almost there).

      Turn 2:

      Switch Guild Skill to Absolute Protection. Gillan will move in and cast Heal, so use the Skill when you need to. Subsequently, choose either Fire Support (when there are minions) or Protection when there aren't.

      What happens next:

      All your heroes will continue to attack and heal up from their skills (Lilid from his passive regen). While all your heroes are alive, Gillan can only Heal, which will also provide a constant attack and crit rate buff.  Once they die off and shift around, Gillan will start using Disarm as well.

      Since all your heroes are bunched up, you are not likely to survive for long once Parsifal reaches 3rd form and beyond. All the healing and regen will help you drag on longer and deal more damage. The real damage dealer here is Jack with his %HP attack.

      Alternative heroes:

      Serendi, Mu. You may lose the 5% attack bonus if you use Mu (less than 5 rock heroes) but both of them are balance-type, so you may get the defense bonus instead.

      Serendi's uses: Normal attack, regen+dispell. Suggest H6 position so that 3rd skill won't be used, conserve MP for 2nd.

      Mu: 3rd skill will help to heal everyone up. 2nd skill will not stun or decrease defense (immunity) but will lower Parsifal's attack. 

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    • IGN:  GalaxyM3

      Server:  Global

      Team:  Ian, Kitty, Alfred, Zero, and Lilid.  Mercenary:  Krut.

      Guild Raid - Parsifal - 50 Turn Clash of Titans

      Guild Raid - Parsifal - 50 Turn Clash of Titans

      •  The gist of the strategy is to have a Krut that is geared with Ultimate Gear Tiger (UgT).  The more well geared Krut is, the better he'll perform but the UgT is key to make him more durable.  
      •  However, to further increase your score you will need Lilid to pull the boss out of the water to increase the damage output.  Also, adding zero will give Krut the ability to hit the boss while in the water and a terrain bonus.
      •  All the other character are there mainly for the stage type bonuses.  The weaker the other characters are, the faster Krut can be left alone to get to work.  Once Krut is alone the stage can be left to auto play with the guildshelling skill checked off for additional points.     
      •  In the video I used all low leveled characters and my overpowered guildmates were kind enough to set Krut mercenaries.  I also messed up with the Lilid pull because I thought the AI would have moved differently but for some reason the AI never usees the terrain bonus.  Its better if you position Lilid on the bottom Rock tile platform so that he pulls the boss onto the non-water tile.
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    • A FANDOM user
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