The Nephthys Dungeon is found in The World Conquest game mode and is the only place to get Golem Materials for Hero Rebirth. Depending on the day of the week other treasures can be found such as Coocoos, refinement materials, mana stones, gold, and equipment.


The Nephthys dungeon is the tomb of an ancient king full of treasures! However, it is said that the traps that were installed to keep out raiders still function at full capacity.


The Nephthys Dungeon is an always open dungeon that have 8~10 levels each. The higher the level, the higher the odds of finding better treasure. There are four sets of dungeons: Rebirth, Refinement, Coocoo, and Weekend.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Scissors Coocoo Rock Coocoo Paper Coocoo Scissors Coocoo Rock Coocoo Paper Coocoo Mana Stones
Weapon Storage Armor Storage Accessory Storage Weapon Storage Armor Storage Accessory Storage Gold
Equipment and Refinment

Rebirth Dungeons

Rebirth dungeons have the name "Corridor" and have the golem icon of their property. Rebirth dungeons have a total of 8 levels.

Name Property
Icon RebirthGolem Rock Rock Rebirth Golem Rock icon Rock
Icon RebirthGolem Scissors Scissors Rebirth Golem Scissors icon Scissors
Icon RebirthGolem Paper Paper Rebirth Golem Paper icon Paper


Refinement stages have the name "Storage" and provide refinement materials for your equipment.


Coocoo stages have the name "Garden" and will provide up to 4 Coocoos of the same level depending on the grade achieved from B to SS. Coocoos are the EXP monsters in Fantasy War Tactics.


Only on Sundays are, the Mana, Gold, and Equipment dungeons open. The Equipment Dungeon is named "Sphinx's Maze", and the Gold and Mana Dungeons are named "Queen's Bedchamber" and "King's Bedchamber" respectively.


Before the Dungeon change, the rebirth dungeons would follow the schedule of the Coocoo dungeons, making you pace your rebirthing process.

The Rebirth Golems have the shape of their property behind their heads.

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