EXP Synthesis Materials

These materials can be found from all over the Arc Continent. A EXP Synthesis material can vary in different types, mainly a Coocoo or a dungeon monster type. Each EXP Synthesis material can grant a hero a certain amount amount of EXP. The amount of EXP granted upon the hero depends to the corresponding character type, the synthesis material's level, and the monster type of the material.

Obtaining EXP Synthesis Materials:

  • Daily Login Chart
  • Red Capsule Random Present (Using Friendship Points)
  • Nephthys Dungeons (Types availability are based on a daily rotation)
  • Arc Continent Dungeons (Monster types can vary depending on the dungeon)

Rebirth Materials

These materials can mostly be found Nephthys Dungeon in the Grand, Austere, and Solemn Corridors. The rebirth materials can be used to reborn the heroes, increasing their star rank. Each star rank requires a certain amount of rebirth materials in order to 'rebirth'.

Rebirth Golem Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Paper Icon 1GradeRebirthGolem Mon03 Icon 2GradeRebirthGolem Mon03 Icon 3GradeRebirthGolem Mon03 Icon 4GradeRebirthGolem Mon03 Icon 5GradeRebirthGolem Mon03
Rock Icon 1GradeRebirthGolem Mon01 Icon 2GradeRebirthGolem Mon01 Icon 3GradeRebirthGolem Mon01 Icon 4GradeRebirthGolem Mon01 Icon 5GradeRebirthGolem Mon01
Scissor Icon 1GradeRebirthGolem Mon02 Icon 2GradeRebirthGolem Mon02 Icon 3GradeRebirthGolem Mon02 Icon 4GradeRebirthGolem Mon02 Icon 5GradeRebirthGolem Mon02
Rebirth Materials Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4

1 Star > 2 Star

2 0 0 0
2 Star > 3 Star 5 8 1 0
3 Star > 4 Star 0 10 16 6
4 Star > 5 Star 0 12 18 22