Lost Island is a time-limited island that opens once every two weeks.


Lost Island is a remote island faraway from the Arc Continent. It is a mysterious landmass that disappears and appears at certain time frames. The Lord Lord and his team suddenly end up in this island every now and then, only to meet eccentric people from the past.


The Lost Island usually opens once every two weeks and each opening has a 48-hour window before disappearing again. Each instance of the island has different mechanics and challenges on how to defeat the Time Traveler but, unlike dungeons in World Conquest, it does not necessarily need clearing the stage of enemies to win. Defeating the time traveler will instantly finish the stage.

Time traveler's are based off a pattern meaning that they will not occur consecutively, i.e. If Chenny was obtainable in a certain week, the next Lost Island will not be Chenny again.

Regular Appearances

These are the heroes that travel on Lost Island on a regular basis:

Name Property
Icon Muang 05 Muang Scissors icon Scissors
Icon Chenny 05 Chenny Scissors icon Scissors
Icon Nirvana 05 Nirvana Paper icon Paper

Event Appearances

During events, there may be heroes that can only be obtained by a special level in Lost Island. The heroes so far are:


Icon Muzaka 05 Muzaka

Noblesse Collaboration Event (03 March 2016 ~ 30 March 2016) and (1 June 2016 ~ 30 June 2016)

Icon Krut 05 Krut Krut's Island (12 May 2016 ~ 26 May 2016) and (06 October 2016 ~ 03 November 2016)
Icon Raizel 05 Raizel Noblesse Collaboration Event (09 June 2016 ~ 30 June 2016)
Icon Reina 05 Reina Reina's Island (15 July 2016 ~ 05 August 2016)

Reina's Island (13 May 2017 ~ 15 May 2017)

Icon Banshee 05 Banshee Banshee's Island (07 September 2016 ~ 28 September 2016)
Icon Ragna 05 Ragna Ragna's Island (xx May 2017 ~ 18 May 2017)
Icon Phantom 05 Phantom Phantom's Island (xx May 2017 ~ 25 May 2017)


  • Before the game's global release, the Lost Island was open everyday. However, only Muang Muang's dungeon was open and only give a small amount of genes.
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