Gold is the main form of currency in Fantasy War Tactics. It is used to refine and enhance equipment, assemble and disassemble metals, synthesizing materials and rebirth.


There are several ways to gain gold:

  1. The primary way is through the base rewards for clearing World Conquest stages.
  2. In addition to the base rewards there is a chance to gain more through bonus loot rewards.
  3. There is also a chance to gain some through the bonus Coocoo box reward.
  4. The Queen's Bedchamber guarantees bonus gold as loot.
  5. Friendship capsules have a chance to award gold.
  6. Clearing Dimensional Breakthrough stages awards a lot of gold.
  7. It is also a reward for attending Battle of Honor a certain amount of times in a season.
  8. Several achievements award the player with gold.
  9. Tower of Dawn has huge gold rewards for some of it's stages.
  10. Selling materials gives the player a small amount of gold.
  11. Extracting equipment refunds the player.
  12. Expeditions have a base reward of gold.
  13. Check-in Event rewards can also be gold.
  14. Gold can be bought with crystals.
  15. The Gold Cylinder in the laboratory produces gold at a steady rate.
  16. Certain events lets the player receive gold as well.
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