07 Girgas
The Girgas Region
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Level 184-
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Glory Nereid

Girgas is the 7th Island encountered on Lord Lord's journey for World Conquest.


Girgas is a desert place filled with mercenaries and bandits, most of them are deserted soldiers from the Elian Kingdom. It also is home to the main laboratory of the Beast Rain Project.


Girgas contains 12 dungeons, and 3 scenarios.

Available Genes

The following Hero Genes are available from dungeons on this Island.

Jin Jin
Bearman Bearman
Moa Moa

List of Dungeons

1 Desert Road Entrance

2 Mirage Hill

3 Blazing Sun

4 Oasis

4.5 Scenario (Scenario)

5 Sandstorm Hill

6 Girgas Lab Entrance

7 Girgas Lab 1

8 Girgas Lab 2

8.5 Girgas Lab's Secret Passage (Scenario)

9 Cactus Desert 1

10 Cactus Desert 2

11 Dry Prairie

12 Desert's End

12.5 Scenario (Scenario)

First Time Clearance Rewards

Stage Normal Hell Hard Chaos
Desert Road Entrance
Mirage Hill
Blazing Sun
Oasis Crystal (2) Crystal (2) Crystal (2) Golden Coocoo [Scissors] (66)*
Sandstorm Hill Crystal (2) Tempest Mace [Rare] Crystal (2) N/A
Girgas Lab Entrance
Girgas Lab 1
Girgas Lab 2
Girgas Lab's Secret Passage [Scenario]
Cactus Desert 1
Cactus Desert 2
Dry Prairie
Desert's End
  • Due to either a bug or a typo, the player will only receive 40 Golden Coocoo [Scissors] in Oasis - Chaos.
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