03 Company
A map of the Company region
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Level 30-75
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Tezen Vulcan

Company is the 3rd Island encountered on Lord Lord's journey for World Conquest.


Company is an island that houses many towns that were established for the many mines and resources in the area. One of the many reasons why Dolores set up residence there.


Company contains 12 dungeons, and 3 scenarios.

Available Genes

The following Hero Genes are available from dungeons on this Island.

Mas Mas
Jenny Jenny
Dolores Dolores

List of Dungeons

1 Lawless Wasteland 1

2 Lawless Wasteland 2

3 Wolves' Den

4 Windy Wilderness Boss: Mas Mas

4.5 Windy Wilderness (Scenario)

5 Solitary Village

6 Cactus Zone 1

7 Wanderers' Village 1

8 Wanderers' Village 2 Boss: Jenny Jenny

8.5 Deserted Hill (Scenario)

9 Dolores Estate

10 Abandoned Mine 1

11 Abandoned Mine 2

11.5 Forgotten Mine (Scenario)

12 Deep Inside Krad Mine Boss: Dolores Dolores
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