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Event Fantasy War Tactics
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Terrain Strategy

Movement on different terrains ( Plains / Water / Lava / Poison / Swamp / Thorn) show different colored diamonds on top of your head:

  • Blue Diamond - Neutral panel; no effect
  • Red Diamond with red skull - Disadvantage effect; decreases damage dealt; receive damage on start of turn
  • Yellow Diamond with sword - Advantage effect; increase damage dealt by 20%

Direction Strategy

Attacking from different directions offer different advantages:

  • Attacking from front: no advantage
  • Attacking from side: increase damage dealt by 15%
  • Attacking from behind: increase damage dealt by 15%

Advantage Strategy

Fantasy War Tactics uses a Rock Paper Scissors mechanic without hiding it from the user. There are Heroes of these types and attacking with the winning/losing type offers different benefits:

  • Attacking with the same type: no damage difference
  • Attacking with positive type: increase damage dealt by 30%
  • Attacking with negative type: deal only 80% of your damage

Cooperation Strategy